What Do Mourning Doves Eat?

On those sweltering summer days when sunshine is relentless and the chirping of birds is taken to a whole new level, there are few sounds that bring more tranquility than the gentle cooing of Mourning Doves. 

If you want to attract these sweet doves to your field, here are the things you need to follow.

Mourning Doves are granivores

Mourning Doves are unique among songbirds for their almost purely granivorous diet. They aren’t looking for insects or spiders like other songbirds do. Instead, they’re searching the crop ground for seeds from plants and grasses. As the leaves begin to turn and autumn approaches, these birds will continue to feast on seeds and grains, getting ready for the long winter ahead.  

what do mourning doves eat?

What can you feed Mourning Doves?

If you’re looking for a summertime guest at your feeder, then you can’t beat the Mourning Dove. These graceful birds usually arrive on the scene when other year-round visitors depart for the season, making them quite a welcome sight. Plus, it’s easy to keep them around since they love almost any type of wild bird food mix. All you need are some of their favorites like :

  • Cracked corn
  • Millet
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Safflower Seeds
  • Nyjer
  • Peanuts

Which feeders are best for Mourning Doves?

Mourning Doves, with their fluttery wings and melodic coos, are a common bird seen fluttering around in open spaces. Although these birds are quite adaptable to many different habitats and can be spotted in sap fields, farmland, and even residential yards, they prefer that wide-open prairies and fields where they can easily maneuver and do their ground-level feeding. 

When looking to provide food for Mourning Doves without worrying about the other birds in your backyard, a suitable feeder is key. Platform or large hopper feeders are excellent options for accommodating Mourning Doves, as well as providing them with plenty of space and access to food.

For those times when competition among the birds is high, consider switching them to a ground feeder. Ground feeders offer a low-level option that tends to be desirable for Mourning Doves and makes it easy for them to eat without having to compete with the others.

If you want to experience the beauty of Mourning Doves, you can easily do so by setting up feeders in your own backyard. Not only will these birds grace you with their presence as they fly in, but they will also give you a show – as these birds don’t just come alone but instead often eat together in pairs. This is because Mourning Doves are known to mate for life and tend to stay together even while finding food.

Calls of the Mourning Dove will be heard continuously in your backyard if you pick up a bag of Lyric Supreme Mix. Filled with nutrition-rich sunflower seeds, peanuts, and millet, this mix is perfect for attracting these beautiful creatures to flock around your feeders.

A favorite among bird watchers of all levels, Lyric Supreme Mix offers a myriad of unique flavors that breeds familiarity among doves–so much so that they will quickly become regular guests at your home. Don’t wait – pick up a bag and have the thrill of looking out the window to view Mourning Doves fluttering around in no time!

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