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Flying WILD Sponsors

In April 2002, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation provided the necessary funding, matched by grants from Phillips Petroleum, now ConocoPhillips, to transform Flying WILD from an exciting concept to an extensive national education program. Flying WILD now brings education about birds and their conservation needs to schools, furthering the efforts of International Migratory Bird Day.

Support has also been provided by the Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 for piloting Flying WILD, as well as from the American Petroleum Institute to help bring new trainers to the Flying WILD program.

To ensure Flying WILD's success, the national office has developed cooperative partnerships with numerous organizations at the national, state and city levels. These partners are a crucial link for spreading the word about Flying WILD, as well as lending assistance and expertise to local schools and community organizations.

Partners include state natural resource departments, park and recreation departments, Audubon chapters, local businesses, zoos, and environmental education centers. The partner network provides valuable support for maintaining Flying WILD training, coordination, and facilitation. Through this network, schools can find guest speakers, volunteer contacts, live bird presentations, bird tours, binocular sets, and expert guidance for teachers and students involved in conducting Flying WILD activities.

Flying WILD's success also stems from the efforts of several partnering organizations at the national level that are involved in bird conservation education, including:

American Birding Association

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Partners in Flight

National Wildlife Federation

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Flying WILD Training Partners

The network of Flying WILD Training Partners is currently being developed. Currently, over nearly 40 cities have indicated plans to establish Flying WILD training networks. For a complete list of our City Partners click here.



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Partners & Sponsors

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