A Crow As A Pet? (Costs, Legality + FAQs)

Crows have been a part of our natural environment for centuries, and they undoubtedly capture the imaginations of many. With their striking black feathers, intelligence, and distinct personalities, it’s no surprise that some people are curious as to whether or not these mysterious birds could be kept as pets. Can you actually own a crow? We’ll explore this question in depth in today’s blog post and see if these careful scavengers can make suitable companions.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (MBTA) is one of the first federal laws passed in the United States designed to protect winged creatures. This act covers common birds such as crows and makes it illegal to keep one of these feathered animals as a pet, to intentionally harm them, or to disturb them in any way without a special permit.

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